Motor-driven cable reels

Mobile equipment, in particular various types of cranes such as gantry cranes and indoor cranes, different loading devices and open-cast mining large-scale equipment but also longitudinal scraper bridges in purification plants and travelling platforms implement the transfer of energy and data via flexible power and control cables.

The maintenance of transmission requires a continuously available system for storing and releasing the cables, which follows the movement of the equipment, preferably in a synchronous manner. At the same time, the basic pattern of movement - distance, direction, acceleration, speed, mass - is solely determined by the application of the equipment.

A system, which meets these requirements, is cable reels with motor drive. Motor-driven cable reels consist of reel body, drive and slip ring assembly.


In addition to the transmission of power, STEMANN-TECHNIK upon request also implements the transmission of various media, e.g. water or argon or other gases.

Motor-driven hose reels - Made in Germany

Many other names of motor-driven cable reels are used, including motor driven hose reels, motor driven cable reel, air hose reel, electric hose reel and motorized hose reel.


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