Motor-driven cable reels

Mobile equipment, in particular various types of cranes such as gantry cranes and indoor cranes, different loading devices and open-cast mining large-scale equipment but also longitudinal scraper bridges in purification plants and travelling platforms implement the transfer of energy and data via flexible power and control cables.

The maintenance of transmission requires a continuously available system for storing and releasing the cables, which follows the movement of the equipment, preferably in a synchronous manner. At the same time, the basic pattern of movement - distance, direction, acceleration, speed, mass - is solely determined by the application of the equipment.

A system, which meets these requirements, is cable reels with motor drive. Motor-driven cable reels consist of reel body, drive and slip ring assembly.


In addition to the transmission of power, STEMANN-TECHNIK upon request also implements the transmission of various media, e.g. water or argon or other gases.

Motor-driven hose reels - Made in Germany

Many other names of motor-driven cable reels are used, including motor driven hose reels, motor driven cable reel, air hose reel, electric hose reel and motorized hose reel.


Crane- and harbour range

Find out where STEMMANN-TECHNIK-cable reels are used all around the world.


Electrification of rubber-tyred gantry cranes (RTGs) by means of motor cable reels

The RTGs equipped with a diesel-electric-drive are used in harbours all over the world. By means of these RTGs trucks and so-called “prime movers” are loaded resp. unloaded with the containers of the container ships.

Continuously increasing fuel costs, the required time for refuelling of the cranes, increased maintenance costs for the diesel-electric-drives with the corresponding downtimes as well as tightened environmental regulations led to the requirements of the crane manufacturers and port operators to as far as possible replace the standard drive by a flexible power transmission.

STEMMANN-TECHNIK now has met this demand also by the successful retrofitting of RTGs by means of motor cable reels.

The advantages of the retrofitting are:

  • Enormous reduction of the amount of diesel-fuel needed. Contrary to the permanently operated diesel-motor, only the actually required amount of energy is used with the external energy supply.
  • Reduction of time and costs due to the shorter maintenance intervals of the diesel-electric-drive.
  • Reduction of costs and work by reduction of the stops for refuelling.
  • Significantly less emissions by the lesser use of the combustion engine and thus better environmental conditions at the site.

Depending on the customer’s requirements and in cooperation with the operators at the site Stemmann-Technik will find individual solutions to retrofit the RTGs from diesel-electric-drives to electrical power supplies by means of motor cable reels.

Power Cable Reels

Drives, supply and control units on crane systems must be supplied reliably via flexible power and control cables. With the cable reel systems, cable festoon systems and slip ring assemblies, STEMMANN-TECHNIK offers high quality solutions for all linear and rotational motions in the crane range.
These systems have been used very successfully for decades in international harbour facilities. The existing operational experience continues are used continously for specific further developments.
In addition to the advantage of offering all required systems for the supply of crane travel, trolley traversing, spreader / peg supply and rotational movements from one source, STEMMAN-TECHNIK attaches great importance to integration into the complete system “crane”.


Power supply via low / medium voltage
Combination additional optic fibres for data transmission possible
Cable lengths up to 650 m
Cable cross sections 25 mm² to 95 mm²
Reel diameters up to 8 m
Travel speed up to 80 m/min
Mounting heights within the crane system up to 25 m
Drive technology DTM (direct torque motor) / FCM (frequency controlled motor)

Spreader Cable Reels

Particularly in the challenging sector of spreader cable reels, we have acquired an excellent reputation nationally as well as internationally. Our success is based on the technically spotless and sturdy models of the mechanical components combined with the electric drive technology.

Depending on the installation conditions, spiral or cylindrical reel bodies are used. We developed the FCM technology in this sector, which is used to deal with the high standards in regard to the dynamics of spreader cable reels.

From the experiences resulting from the continuous further development over decades, a system was developed, which can excellently master all operating conditions in everyday operation.

STEMMANN-TECHNIK offers spreader cable reels for high operating speeds with a simultaneous preservation of the material of the cables and supplies the entire electric control with software, integration into the crane PLC as well as commissioning.

Technical specifications

Power supply via low voltage
Combination additional optic fibres for data transmission possible
Cable lengths up to 80 m
Cable cross sections up to 56 x 2.5 mm²
Reel diameters up to 2.8 m
Travel speed up to 180 m/min
Drive technology FCM (frequency controlled motor)

Mobile construction vehicles

Particularly in the area of energy and data transmission for mobile construction vehicles such as truck-mounted cranes, excavators, elevating work platforms and inclined hoists for example, we offer a comprehensive range of spring- and motor-driven cable reels as well as hose reels with corresponding slip ring assemblies.

Compact and robust developments such as combined electro-hydraulic reels with multilayer assembly systems e.g. extend our product range for mobile construction vehicles.

In particular, our spring-driven cable reels are used in the area of mobile units and equipment without power supply. They enable the winding of cables, hoses and ropes using spring traction.

To transmit electrical power, data or hydraulic oil for truck-mounted cranes, we provide cable reels, hose reels, slip ring assemblies and the corresponding accessories depending on the requirements. As an option, the cable reels can be equipped with a detector for the telescopic distance.

Our products have proven themselves in tough everyday applications - specifically in the area of mobile crane technology.

Mobile areas of application

  • Freight and furniture elevators as well as builders’ hoists
  • Elevating work platforms, telescopic cranes
  • Crane trucks
  • Truck-mounted cranes
  • Excavators

Open-cast mining sector

Our motor-driven cable reels provide for the reliable power and media supply of large open-cast mining equipment such as bucket wheel excavators, conveyor belts, cable storage, stackers or hydraulic excavators worldwide. We implement comprehensive customised solutions. From development and special design to commissioning and servicing.

To a certain extent, mobile open-cast mining equipment spans over large distances and is used far away from the location of the power input. Our cable storage devices and crawler-mounted cable reels enable the reliable supply of power in these fields of application and extend the radius of action of this large-scale equipment. Increased costs for fuel, the intensification of environmental requirements and economic saving measures are decisive for the decision of the manufacturers and operators to convert their diesel-hydraulic operated vehicles to electro-hydraulic drives.

We develop optimised solutions for customer-specific problems such as the cable rewinding trolley for example. This vehicle is used to carry out the laying of cable, the rewinding onto large-scale equipment as well as transporting the cables over the extensive distances in open-cast mining.

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