Power Cable Reels

Drives, supply and control units on crane systems must be supplied reliably via flexible power and control cables. With the cable reel systems, cable festoon systems and slip ring assemblies, STEMMANN-TECHNIK offers high quality solutions for all linear and rotational motions in the crane range.
These systems have been used very successfully for decades in international harbour facilities. The existing operational experience continues are used continously for specific further developments.
In addition to the advantage of offering all required systems for the supply of crane travel, trolley traversing, spreader / peg supply and rotational movements from one source, STEMMAN-TECHNIK attaches great importance to integration into the complete system “crane”.


Power supply via low / medium voltage
Combination additional optic fibres for data transmission possible
Cable lengths up to 650 m
Cable cross sections 25 mm² to 95 mm²
Reel diameters up to 8 m
Travel speed up to 80 m/min
Mounting heights within the crane system up to 25 m
Drive technology DTM (direct torque motor) / FCM (frequency controlled motor)
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