LP-series bako®

Contrary to conventional standard slip rings, "bako® slip ring assemblies" are complexly designed slip ring assembly systems with numerous options for customer-specific production.

The variety of models ranges from flat designs to a combination with angle encoders, media distributors and medium voltage components (up to 30 kV).

The application options range from power and data transmission for crane applications to wind energy systems and radar installations.

The models of the “bako® slip ring assemblies” are based on our contact plate technology.

Variety of models

  • with fixture for angle encoder, plug
  • high current components, etc.
  • with large free borehole up to 950 mm
  • with integrated protection tube, media distributor, etc.
  • with concentric design and low installation height
  • with customer-specific housing (aluminium-cast, adapted to the design)


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