Technical data

Current µA to 16 A per way,
max. 16 A per plate;
higher currents with massive contact plate
Signals PLC, control- and switching-signals
Data Profibus, Ethernet, video, audio
(data rate ≤ 100 Mbit)
Rotational speed vrel ≤ 0.5 m/s
Service life 3.5 million rotations

Variety of types

Standard protection class IP 54 to IP 65
galvanized steel plate-housing with ball bearing
Combinations upon request with installation parts as media lead-through, angle encoder, plug, high current-components, etc.
  special versions of housing (aluminium-cast), adjusted to the design of the customers
  slipring assembly with large free boring up to 950 mm
  concentric design at low installation height


  • glass-fibre reinforced support, ennobled and gold-plated on both sides
  • application range up to 400 V / 10 A per way, 500 V / 16 A in bridged version
  • alternatively for higher currents: solid brass contact paths
  • contact part: 2 CuBe-springs insulated from each other, with each 4 silver-nickel rivets


  • turntable fire-escape
  • spinning works-machines
  • round cycle tables
  • packing machines
  • machine tools
  • merry-go-rounds
  • robotic
  • planetarium
  • turret winder
  • construction machines
Votre contact
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