Projects in Purification Plants

Special features of the slip ring assembly

The areas of application of this slip ring assembly model are circular scrapers in purification plants. Power and data transfer from the stationary switchgears and control systems to the drives on the rotating circular scraper bridge is carried out by the slip ring assembly.

The slip ring assembly has an inner protection tube with a diameter of 110 mm. This enables the central lead-through of hoses or tubes for sludge recirculation.

The slip rings are pre-wired up to the terminals in the slip ring assembly housing, which enables easy installation. The slip ring assembly has a high grade corrosion protection and a thermostatically regulated heater, to prevent the formation of condensation.

The outer coating is divided into 2 x 180° segments and can be completely removed. This ensures ideal access to the slip ring assembly for installation and maintenance work.

Technical data - Type “MKSRR 200”


Housing: steel
Insulation: glass reinforced laminate
Corrosion protection: double painting
(galvanizing is possible)

General data

Bearing: relubricatable spherical rotary joint
Attachment: flange attachment
Protection class (housing): IP 65

Main current

Number of poles: PE+26
Slip rings: brass rings
Slip ring diameter: 200 mm
Current collector: 2 bronze carbons per slip ring
Voltage: max. 500 V (AC)
Amperage: max. 50 A

Data transmission

System: Profibus “DP”
Number of poles: 4 + 1 poles for the screening of the cable
Contact plate: gold-plated contact plates (multi-layer)
Contact piece: 4 silver-nickel contacts per contact plate
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