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The high rotational speeds, small production sizes and in particular in this case, an ideal ratio of possible implementation and outer diameter as well as a high level of vibration resistance are characteristics of cast slip ring assemblies. Cast slip ring assemblies are available as carbon or gold-spring wire models. A high level of integration for small production sizes distinguishes the slip ring assemblies with gold-spring wire brushes. Typical applications are machine tools, stranding machines and wind energy systems.

Cast slip ring assemblies

Three of the contact paths for the signal transmission are designed for a serial connection with interface RS485. The cables are applied to plugs on the slip ring assembly. There are corresponding terminals for this purpose on the stator of the slip ring assembly. The slip ring assemblies are designed for ambient temperatures from -20 °C to +50 °C as well as for a rotational speed of 0 to 30 rpm. The power as well as the signal part have cast slip assemblies. The transmission of the power part is carried out by means of contact carbons. The signal part is a gold-spring wire model.

Slip ring assembly combinations carbon and gold-spring wire model

The gold spring wire model of the cast slip ring assembly is designed for ambient temperatures from -20°C to +50°C. The service life of the contact elements is approx. fifty million rotations..

Cast slip ring assembly

2 ways: 400 VDC, 50 A
3 ways: 230 V, 10 A
2 ways: 24 VDC, 7,5 A
24 ways: 24 VDC, 1 A

Slip ring assembly

5 ways: 400 VAC, 80 A
4 ways: 230 VAC, 16 A
6 ways: 24 VAC, 16 A
15 ways: 24 VAC, 1 A
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