Slip ring assemblies of the FPKK series are cost-effective standard components in a modular system. They are ideally suitable for use in rugged environments (protection class IP 65) with their impact-proof housing made of fibre-glass reinforced plastics. The FPKR series applies housings made of steel.

The slip ring series LPKK is our basis for the individual unit production of slip ring systems with contact plates for a larger number of poles or a higher amount of signal transmission paths (depending on current/voltage and installation height, e.g max. of 60 paths at an installation height of 270 mm).

Optionally, the slip ring assemblies in this series can be equipped with a thermostatically regulated heater. Surface refinement also enables combined current and signal transmission.

The models of our FPKK and LPKK series are based on the carbon/brass technology. If required, a refined model is available.

Series “FPKK 54-25”, “FPKK 54-50” and “FPKK 100-100”


Flange: aluminium
Insulation: plastic
Slip ring assembly
plastic (shock-proof, weather-proof)
Slip rings: brass
Carbon brushes: 2 bronze carbons per slip ring

General data

Bearing: inside-positioned ball bearing, sealed on both sides
Attachment: flange attachment
(with husk upon customer’s requests)
Protection class (housing): IP 66

Type “FPKK 54-25”

Number of poles: optionally PE + 3, PE + 7, PE + 11, PE + 17
Brush holders: rigid version, screw-connection
Insulation for: 500 V (AC)
Amperage: max. 25 A
Height (incl. cover)/ weight: 210 mm (at PE + 3) / 2.8 kg
270 mm (at PE + 7) / 3.3 kg
330 mm (at PE + 11) / 4.0 kg
420 mm (at PE + 17) / 5.2 kg

Type “FPKK 54-50”

Number of poles: optionally PE + 3, PE + 7
Brush holders: rigid version, screw-connection
Insulation for: 500 V (AC)
Amperage: max. 50 A
Height (incl. cover)/ weight: 270 mm (at PE + 3) / 3.1 kg
330 mm (at PE + 7) / 3.9 kg

Type “FPKK 100-100”

Number of poles optionally PE + 4, PE + 7
Brush holders rigid version, screw-connection
Insulation for 500 V (AC)
Amperage max. 100 A
Height (incl. cover)/ weight 292 mm (at PE + 4) / 8.8 kg
409 mm (at PE + 7) / 11.5 kg

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