STEMMANN Conductor Line (SCL)

Our small type conductor lines of the SCL series are made of shock-proof plastics and are distinguished by their innovative connection method. This easy to install, preconfigured system is distinguished by a high level of rigidity with a lightweight and compact dimensions. It offers expansion compensation and inspection options on all splice joints - there is no need for additional expansion joints.

All straight pieces can be easily replaced if necessary. The sliding contacts are connected and secured with a screw firmly integrated into the system - no loose assembly components are required. Feeds are carried out variably within or at the end of the conductor line.

The power cable is integrated in the current collecting trolley, where it is protected against damage. The closed conductor line system is designed for amperages up to 240 A and depending on the application is equipped with up to 7 conductors.

Our SCL conductor line is compatible with the Demag conductor line DCL and DCL-Pro.

Components and technical specifications

We offer our SCL series in preconfigured 4-metre lengths. In addition to the conductor rail, there is an extensive range of accessories at your disposal with current collecting trolleys, attachment systems for wall assembly or ceiling suspension and power feed, etc.

Areas of application

  • Travelling and gantry cranes
  • High rack warehouses, materials handling equipment
  • Monorails
  • Conveyors
  • Data transmission systems
  • Production lines, workshop equipment
  • Stand-alone applications
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