STEMMANN Individually Insulated Conductor Line (SICL)

Our product line in the area of individually insulated conductor lines consists of the models SICL20, SICL25 and SICL40.

It is a plastic-insulated conductor line system protected against contact for indoor and outdoor applications according to VDE0100.

The conductor rails and curved sections provide the option of an arrangement with variable centre to centre spacing as well as in horizontal and vertical alignment.

With the help of specific bending techniques and joints, the curve progression can be adjusted. Quick-action locking systems enable easy assembly or disassembly.

Model overview and technical specifications

Current collectors, attachment systems for indoor and outdoor installation, power feeds, etc. complement our SICL conductor line system.

Areas of application

  • Travelling and gantry cranes
  • High rack warehouses, materials handling equipment, electric suspension tracks
  • Monorails
  • Conveyors
  • Data transmission systems
  • Production lines, workshop equipment
  • Electrification of RTGs
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