Cable Festoon Systems with C-rail

Versatile and robust

In these cable festooned systems each cable trolley has four rollers, which run inside a C-rail (profile rail). Therefore, this system runs in a very robust manner and at the same time, can be used for various applications. For instance on indoor cranes, in workshops or in outdoor areas, to implement a flexible transmission of current and compressed air or media.

The C-rails are attached to the ceiling or the walls; this, a firmly assembled, fixed system is created. However, in addition to the straight running tracks, we can also manufacture curved pieces for the C-rails, specifically for your requirements.

Standard dimensions and curved pieces

We offer C-rails in standard lengths of 6 m, however, they can be extended to any lengths using track connectors. Should you require shorter rail pieces, we can cut the rails to measure (merely costs for each started metre accrue).
Area of application C-rails

Transport of hoses, flat and round cables

  • Carrying capacity of the trolleys: max. of 35 kg
  • Speeds up to 60 m/min
  • Curved tracks are only possible with this system!

Areas of application

  • Cranes, hoisting devices
  • Conveyors, environmental engineering
  • Special engineering
  • Workshop equipment
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