Wabtec Charging and Power Transfer

Stemmann-Technik GmbH is serving two Wabtec’s Product Lines. Charging and power Transfer – for all industrial applications and Power Collection for railway.

For decades, Wabtec’s brands like Stemmann-Technik, Akapp, Transtech and Gerken successfully served multiple industrial segments - Ports and Maritime, Intralogistics, Construction machines, eBus&eTrucks, Power Generation, Automation machinery, Conductive materials - making Wabtec one of the indisputable leaders in Charging and Power Transfer solutions.


Our mission

Focusing on our two main markets - electrification and automation – we’re excited to announce the new name of a dedicated product line - Wabtec Charging and Power Transfer, confirming its recognized strong position on the industry, and representing the will to meet the challenges of the new markets trends, together with the vigorous vision which drive all operations: enable the decarbonization of transportation, and build product for a more sustainable future.


We are accelerating the future; we are Wabtec Charging and Power Transfer

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