Spring-driven cable reel - TLF 400

Spring-driven cable reels of the 400 series with a 14-pole slip ring assembly for 20 A as well as complete polyester-powder coating and additional cable gland inside the attachment flange.

Technical specifications

Material: Flanges, attachment flange and
reel body core galvanized.
The reel body core additionally is
polyester-powder coated.
Slip ring assembly cover made of
plastic or sheet metal.
Winding on speed: max. 63 m/min (horizontally)
max. 40 m/min (vertically)
Acceleration: max. 0.3 m/s²

Cable data

Outer diameter: max. 34 mm
Cable weight: max. 1.60 kg/m
Cable length to be reeled: max. 70 m (horizontally)*
max. 30 m (vertically)*

Slip ring assembly data

Amperage: max. 200 A
Voltage: max. 660 V
Protection class: IP 65/IP 66
Number of poles: max. 42 (depending on amperage)

* Please observe: The bigger the outer diameter / the weight of the cable the smaller the max. cable length to be reeled.

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