Industrial Wireless LAN (IWLAN)

Due to the increasing automation of hoisting devices and conveyor systems, increasing volumes of data have to be transmitted. In particular, the need for wireless data transmission options is increasing in the industry due to the continuously increasing level of flexibility.

The combination of STEMMANN-TECHNIK’s years of experience in the area of data transfer for mobile equipment and the development of the Industrial Wireless LAN (IWLAN) based on the innovative RCoax leaky feeders by the Siemens AG provides you with a system, which meets any requirements in regard to flexibility and data transmission options with a performance potential, which to date, has not yet existed.

A new dimension of reliable mobility

STEMMANN-TECHNIK conductor lines and the Siemens Industrial Wireless LAN provide you with a new dimension of reliable mobility.
The industrial application of radio technology requires particularly reliable connections. A modulation tolerant towards interferences and a reduction of the data transfer rate in defined steps to maintain the radio connection even for larger distances or reflections, is a fundamental element of these requirements.

Data transmisson in challenging environments

The Siemens Industrial Wireless LAN with RCoax cable can demonstrate its advantages particularly with mobile parties, which move along a predefined route in radio-technically challenging environments. A defined and limited radio field is formed around the cable, which runs precisely in the area it is needed. Even around corners and narrow passageways.

Versatile application options

Whether open or enclosed conductor lines, slip ring assemblies or very specific application conditions, with the IWLAN system and the RCoax leaky feeders, we provide you with a highly flexible system.

Advantages at a glance

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