Cable Festoon Systems for T-beams

High carrying capacity and efficient

In these systems, the cable trolleys run on a T-beam (steel girder); therefore, each trolley is designed for extremely high payloads up to 1000 kg. They are therefore able to transport long power/data lines or heavy hoses without any problems.

KW 1100: Cable trolleys with motor drive

The demands on the loading capacity and efficiency of the Cable Festoon Systems are increasing particularly in the port industry and not only in regard to travelling speed. For this purpose, we developed the KW 1100: A motor-driven cable trolley, which can control motions and accelerate specifically. Tension relief ropes between the individual trolleys provide for a damped start-up, so that the cables themselves are not subjected to any strain.
Combined with “normal” cable trolleys, the speed of the overall system is significantly increased. At the same time, mechanical signs of wear are minimised by means of the specific control system, which also sustainably reduces time and costs for maintenance work.

Area of application for T-beams

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